Thursday, July 30, 2009

First Haircut

Austin's hair was getting really long in the front and it would stick to his forehead when he got hot or when he rubbed his food in it. We decided to finally give him a hair cut. We expected a battle but he loved it. The hardest thing was getting him to sit still because he was laughing so much. I saved some of his hair in a zip lock bag. I'm so sad my little baby has man hair now. It's not soft like it used to be. Now that it is shorter in the back it sticks up at the same place that Jeff's does.

Goldy and Jewels

Jeff has been doing some yard work for a family that posted on craigslist. They are really nice people. They told Jeff that he should bring Austin and me with him sometimes so they could meet us. Last week I got to meet them and their dogs. Austin Loved the dogs. They are both really young and friendly. They are golden retrievers. Austin laughed when they chewed on his fingers. It was really fun to play with the dogs and it made me want a dog of our own. All in good time.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lincoln Park Zoo

While we were seeing Casey, Katie, Elsa and baby Leah off at the airport we took advantage of being in Chicago. We drove around and saw the buildings. Jeff and Austin had never been in Chicago before. We also visited the Lincon Park Zoo. It wasn't until we got there that I found out Jeff had never been to a Zoo. He may have been and not remembered it but he didn't remember ever seeing one. He was really excited to see the animals. Our favorite was the Tiger and we almost didn't get to see it but it went outside just as we were leaving. Austin liked the Monkeys and the Fish because they moved around a lot. He also liked the bees. They were in a glass hive so we could see them working. They were really neat.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The best Layover ever

As some of you may have read on Casey's blog, we got to see Casey and Katie and Elsa in Chicago. They had a four hour layover so we were able to eat lunch with them and visit before they left for Germany. Elsa is adorable. She looks like a China doll. I can't believe how blonde she is. She said thank you and no and want a bite. She shared her food and drink with Austin and walked all around looking at everyone. Everyone who passed by her smiled and talked about how cute she was as they walked by. While Katie and I were content talking and watching the babies Jeff and Casey built a lego car. I think it was going to be a gift for his nephew but they couldn't resist. Austin "helped" them. Austin also learned how to climb a stair. It wasn't a very high one but Jeff and I were still impressed. Goodbye Casey, Katie, Elsa and baby Leah. Have a great life in Germany.