Monday, December 31, 2012

Merry Christmas

Austin waiting to see Santa.

Elves from Santa's workshop

Bennett's favorite thing to do with Ben was to lay on him.

Ben was a really good sport. 

Dad reading to Austin. Ben was jealous.

Seeing the presents GG and Pap Pap brought.

Austin's face when he saw the presents from GG and Pap Pap.

It didn't take long for Bennett to get the hang of unwrapping presents. 

 Race track from GG and Pap Pap

Nerf Guns!

After he opened his race track, he didn't really want to open anything else.

 Pap Pap reading the Night Before Christmas to the boys. 

Christmas Morning the boys slept in until 8:00. This will probably be the last year we get to sleep in so long on Christmas morning. 

 Bennett struggled to open his present because he didn't want to put his cookie down.

 Jake and the Neverland Pirate action figures from Grandma and Grandpa Kennington.

I couldn't get Jeff what he really wanted this year, a big tv, so I put a picture of a tv on a jar and filled it with money.

Austin's favorite gift, PVC pipes.

 Bennett didn't want to open any other presents because he wanted Jeff's snickers. 

 Race Track!

GG reading to Bennett.

 Ben is obsessed with that bone. The boys enjoyed throwing it to him. 

It was a wonderful Christmas. I was lucky to have my parents there because I got to skype with Kendra. We got to talk to her for two hours and meet her companion before she had to go. When she hung up My Mom and Dad and I started to cry. She is happy and doing well. We ate Maldushen and played lots of games. I loved having my parents there. I was sad to see them go.