Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bubble Beard

The other night Austin was taking a bath and I heard him yelling for me. He was screaming so loud and he sounded frantic so I ran to the bathroom expecting to see either a spider or a lot of blood. I found him like this instead.

I guess capturing a bubble beard on camera is up there on the list of urgent matters.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Swimming Lessons

Austin started swimming lessons when he was three and a half. After three rounds of swimming lessons he is confidently swimming by himself. He really knew how to swim after two but I wanted him to learn more. He loves swimming so much I think we might enroll him again in the winter when we can't swim in our community pool.

 Waiting for his turn.

You can see him swimming to his instructor. We call his teach coach Jeff.

When he needs air he rolls onto his back and floats.

He is supposed to flip over once he gets air and swim the rest of the way but sometimes he gets lazy and does back stroke.

 They used this big mat to learn how to put themselves up onto something that floats and kick across the pool.

This is a toddler Burrito. 

Austin thought it was Hilarious. Poor Lily on the right didn't like it and Sammy (middle) laughed once she heard Austin laughing. 

I took a lot of pictures so you can really see him doing it and using his arms. 

He is a really good floater. His coach always jokes that we can all go get lunch or see a movie while he floats. Usually the kids only float for about five seconds but I've clocked Austin at 30 seconds.

After he flips over he either continues swimming to the other side of the pool or he goes to the wall and pulls himself out.

Austin's class starts at 10:30 and Bennett usually takes a nap right around that time so this is how he usually is during the class.

I was surprised they gave Austin a kick board to hold because he already knows how to do back stroke. I think maybe they were trying to get him to focus on his kicking.

At the end of every lesson they get to go down the slide. It is just a mat but the kids love it. 

No Fear!

After the last lesson they have the closing ceremonies. They have the kids stand on the champion stand and they played the olympics theme music. Then Coach Jeff presents them with their medals. Each lesson he has gotten a different medal.

He knows whats coming and he is really excited!

Who knows...maybe you are looking at the future Michael Phelps. Probably not, but a Mom can dream :)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dynamic Duo

Ever since Bennett was born I have been excited for the boys to start playing together. This past week Bennett decided to exclusively walk and give up crawling. Austin informed me the other day that he is happy Bennett walks now because "now he is a real little brother."

Be careful what you wish for. Now the little stinkers get into trouble together. 

I must admit they do look darling playing in these baskets together but Austin knows he isn't supposed to sit in them. I don't want them to break and he likes to take them apart and push them around the house.

And he also likes to sit in them. 

I let it slide this one time because they were playing so well together. 

Austin wanted to give Bennett a kiss but changed his mind when Bennett opened his mouth really wide.

Kissing the forehead is safer and dryer. 

Beeping his nose.

Oh yeah and they both colored on the coffee table.
At least they are bonding...right?

Thursday, August 2, 2012


Don't worry we are all fine and the house is fine. We got 12 inches of rain in an hour on Saturday. I've never seen rain or flooding as bad as that in my entire life. I was driving home when it started. Thank goodness for the Jeep. I was really nervous. Some parts of the road were flooded over the tires of the SUV in front of me. I think the construction was the culprit. Our road and driveway got some flooding too. Our drain was clogged so I put my crocks on and walked out and pulled all the junk out of the drain. The landscaping guys across the street got a kick out of it but after they saw how well it drained they did the same on their side of the street.