Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dynamic Duo

Ever since Bennett was born I have been excited for the boys to start playing together. This past week Bennett decided to exclusively walk and give up crawling. Austin informed me the other day that he is happy Bennett walks now because "now he is a real little brother."

Be careful what you wish for. Now the little stinkers get into trouble together. 

I must admit they do look darling playing in these baskets together but Austin knows he isn't supposed to sit in them. I don't want them to break and he likes to take them apart and push them around the house.

And he also likes to sit in them. 

I let it slide this one time because they were playing so well together. 

Austin wanted to give Bennett a kiss but changed his mind when Bennett opened his mouth really wide.

Kissing the forehead is safer and dryer. 

Beeping his nose.

Oh yeah and they both colored on the coffee table.
At least they are bonding...right?

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