Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fairchild International Orchid Festival

Jeff and I had the opportunity to go to the Orchid Festival. It was wonderful. We got a babysitter for the kids. I loved being able to walk around without a stroller and it didn't take us very long to tour the whole festival because we didn't have to stop for potty breaks and feedings and diaper changes. 

Tree with a spiky tree trunk.

these pink things were falling from the tree in the picture above. It made me think of something in a Dr. Seuss book.

I loved these pots! I regret not getting some. Maybe next year.

This is a wind chime. It sounded so neat.

tree with crazy roots.

This Orchid bulb looked like plastic.

This tree looked like a huge bonzai tree.

This display won best in show. It was really cool. I couldn't even get the whole thing in a picture because the displays were close together so I couldn't back up all the way. As soon as we walked in the room it felt like we were in an enchanted forest. The smells were unreal. My favorite Orchid fragrance I smelled was the ones that smelled like honeysuckles. It reminded me of the bush that was near the post office by my childhood home. 

This Orchid was neat looking but not my favorite because it looked like a huge beetle.

I love all the moss.

This Orchid had a bulb of some sort near the petals. They held some water.  They were interesting.

Can you spot the "wild life" in this picture?
We had such a wonderful time. I hope next year we can bring some out of townees along with us.