Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Grandmpa and Grandpa Kennington's Visit

 On Sunday we went out and braved the cold weather to take pictures for Patty and Clint's mission. It really was cold. We all had to wear jackets. Patty just took hers off when i took the pictures. We experienced some complications during our photoshoot. Too much wind.

 Too many Silly faces.

 Too much fun.
 Too much sun.

 Too much personality.
I think this is the Winner. I think they both look really nice. I still need to do some touch ups in photoshop.
Too many shadows.

 Talking to Precious, my new Macaw friend.
 Walking along Dania beach.

 Finding Treasures.

 It was only about sixty something degrees out but I went for a swim. I was the only one in the ocean and it was a way I could have some time to myself without the kids touching me. It was fun.

 But it didn't last long. Austin came out even though he was shivering the whole time.
 Showing him I can float too.

It was such a wonderful visit. I'm sad they couldn't stay longer. Jeff and Clint went golfing. Patty and I went to Ikea, twice. We ate out at Flanigans. We fished in the canal in our backyard. Mostly we just hung around the house and enjoyed each other's company. It was really nice to relax.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Flamingo Botanical Gardens and Bonsai show

 A few weeks ago Patty and I got to visit the Flamingo Botanical Gardens. They were hosting a Bonsai show. I was really surprised by all the plant life. It really is a sanctuary. I drive by it nearly every day and I didn't even know what a treasure it truly is.

These are snow drops I believe and they smelled wonderful!

I love this strawberry container. I want to make one. It can be hung on a fence or wall or just propped up. 

There were several beautiful Peacocks. They are so loud and they sound like a dying cat.Some of them were way up high in the trees.

 I'm planning on touching up these photos in photoshop and printing them. I think they would look nice in my master bath.


I've lived in South Florida for almost two years and these are the first Flamingos I've seen. Can you tell I was excited? I took about 100 pictures of them. I had such a wonderful time. It was nice to get away for the afternoon. I also met a Macaw named Precious. He liked me a lot. I got him to talk to me. I want to go back and visit again.