Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Nobody panic, we didn't get a cat. We are babysitting Grandpa Kennington's cat. His name is Whiskers and he is a younger long hair cat. He is litter trained and he loves to play. I asked Jeff to pick him up so I could get a picture of them both and Whiskers started biting Jeff. Then he put him down and he attacked Jeff's foot. He follows us around the house and even sits at the extra chair at the dinner table. In one of the pictures Whiskers is helping Jeff install another door. He is giving us good practice having a baby because every night we have to get up and make him go away from our bedroom door. He cries and wakes us up because he is lonely. We don't want him scratching the comforter so we aren't letting him in to sleep with us. He is good company and he is just a really handsome cat. He wants company so much he already tried to climb into the shower with Jeff from the top of the curtain rod.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Lovaas Equine Center

I got to do a story on horses which was really fun. I called Dad to make sure I didn't say the names of any of the horses wrong. I have a lot of other horse pictures I want to add because I got some good ones. These were just the ones I happened to put on my jump drive. I love using the cameras at work because they are fast and I can get good depth of field pictures.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Our New Jeep Cherokee

This is my, Jeff's, first time posting on the blog. We just bought our second vehicle. A 1998 Jeep Cherokee with just under 100,000 miles for just over 4,000. We picked it up at a dealer here in Ontario after looking at all the lots for about a month. We picked it because it can fit a car-seat for future baby(s) and tools for my tiling business. We're happy with our purchase.

Friday, February 1, 2008

I've been tagged

Don't worry, I won't tag anyone but I would encourage anyone who wants to join in to do so. Six random facts about myself....

1. I'm afraid of spiders and some kinds of bodies of water. I love to swim though, which is really weird.

2. Before I started dating Jeff I thought he was coming over to my apartment for one of my roommates.

3. When I was a kid I wanted to be a doctor, vet, teacher and sing on broadway.

4. Once when Dane and I were little we were pretending to look for dinosaur bones on the hill in our yard and we started to dig and found a skeleton. Looking back it was probably our family cat that ran away and never came back. We kept the bones in a doll carriage for a long time.

5. On my way to BYU-Idaho I almost asked my Mom to turn the car around because I thought Idaho was so ugly. Sorry Idahoans, I'm from PA.

6. My favorite colors are purple and teal, not pink. I like colorful things though so I picked pink boots instead of black ones and I got pink luggage from my older sisters because it's more fun than black. Sorry but I can't live a lie anymore.