Friday, February 1, 2008

I've been tagged

Don't worry, I won't tag anyone but I would encourage anyone who wants to join in to do so. Six random facts about myself....

1. I'm afraid of spiders and some kinds of bodies of water. I love to swim though, which is really weird.

2. Before I started dating Jeff I thought he was coming over to my apartment for one of my roommates.

3. When I was a kid I wanted to be a doctor, vet, teacher and sing on broadway.

4. Once when Dane and I were little we were pretending to look for dinosaur bones on the hill in our yard and we started to dig and found a skeleton. Looking back it was probably our family cat that ran away and never came back. We kept the bones in a doll carriage for a long time.

5. On my way to BYU-Idaho I almost asked my Mom to turn the car around because I thought Idaho was so ugly. Sorry Idahoans, I'm from PA.

6. My favorite colors are purple and teal, not pink. I like colorful things though so I picked pink boots instead of black ones and I got pink luggage from my older sisters because it's more fun than black. Sorry but I can't live a lie anymore.


sarah said...

Hey, that bones in the carriage thing is creepy! But thanks for setting the record straight about the pink. And, yeah- PA is definitely more beautiful than ID. No green rolling here.

Darci said...

you are so funny!!!

- K - said...

When we were driving to Ricks for the first time I cried and said, "I'm going to school in Iowa!" Yeah, I'm not fond of Iowa either.