Monday, July 8, 2013

Trip To The Farm

At the end of May we got to go back and visit Jeff's family in OR and ID. It was so much fun. I loved having all the cousins together. Carrie took these pictures for me. I wasn't able to bring my camera. I haven't gotten all the pictures I took with other cameras yet. We all had so much fun. We stayed half the time at Conrad and Sarah's house and half the time at the Farm. We also got to go to the temple. We stocked up on things we can't buy in South Florida. It was so wonderful to see everyone again.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Happy Birthday Bennett

My baby is 2. I can't believe that two years ago today we were in the hospital in West Lafayette Indiana. Jeff had just graduated with his masters in Engineering from Purdue. He had interviewed at Heartware but hadn't been offered a job yet. We were unemployed but everything felt peaceful. Bennett is such a joy. He has a wonderful temperament. He loves to color, swim, play in the sandbox, legos and he follows Austin around. I feel like there is a little echo all the time. He is a little chatter box. Bennett is clever and a very busy boy. He is really small for his age and everyone is always commenting on it. I like my little peanut kid. He loves his Binki and his little puppy. In fact, he threw a fit this morning because he wanted them while he opened his presents. I figured it was his birthday so I gave in.

 Sand toys!

 He is as tall as Austin was when he was two. He is up to the pickle on his Very hungry Caterpillar growth chart.

 Poor Austin has the stomach flu. He was able to keep some things down all day so I figured I'd gamble and let him have some cake.
 After the traditional pancake breakfast we had for lunch, I had to change his outfit. Sticky sticky.

He loved blowing out his candles. He got a little too close on the second one.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Happy Easter

 Gathering for a group picture before our church Easter egg hunt.
 It is hard to get six boys in order for a picture.

 This is Jackson, Austin and Giddeon. They are best friends. Collin is in the front. he is Jackson's little brother.
 I love that I have two close friends that both have two little boys the same age as mine.
 Look at all those future missionaries!
 Coloring before we start the egg hunt.

 I was expecting a fight but they both just dropped it and moved on.

 Opening the eggs for the first time.
 Scratching his head because they were all empty.

 Easter Morning. The Easter bunny hid their Easter baskets in our room. Sneaky guy!

 This was from the lesson after the egg hunt. The eggs were all empty because Jesus tomb was empty on Easter morning.

 Happy Boy!
 He stared at it for the longest time before he decided to take a bite.
Nothing beats an Easter Chocolate bunny. I'm so sad I didn't get a picture of the boys in their church outfits. Sundays are always a little hectic for me since I started teaching young womens. I love teaching my girls though. I feel blessed to be able to teach such a great group of young ladies.