Friday, April 12, 2013

Happy Easter

 Gathering for a group picture before our church Easter egg hunt.
 It is hard to get six boys in order for a picture.

 This is Jackson, Austin and Giddeon. They are best friends. Collin is in the front. he is Jackson's little brother.
 I love that I have two close friends that both have two little boys the same age as mine.
 Look at all those future missionaries!
 Coloring before we start the egg hunt.

 I was expecting a fight but they both just dropped it and moved on.

 Opening the eggs for the first time.
 Scratching his head because they were all empty.

 Easter Morning. The Easter bunny hid their Easter baskets in our room. Sneaky guy!

 This was from the lesson after the egg hunt. The eggs were all empty because Jesus tomb was empty on Easter morning.

 Happy Boy!
 He stared at it for the longest time before he decided to take a bite.
Nothing beats an Easter Chocolate bunny. I'm so sad I didn't get a picture of the boys in their church outfits. Sundays are always a little hectic for me since I started teaching young womens. I love teaching my girls though. I feel blessed to be able to teach such a great group of young ladies.

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Susan Staus said...

Cute! I love the picture of you on the other side of the bush when Bennet was getting the egg. He's getting so big! Well they both are! and they are such adorable boys!!!