Sunday, April 27, 2008

A 30 second video of some of my last ultrasound. I was 20 weeks when they did this ultra sound and the last half of it is mostly showing the gender.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Birthday Present

My present for this year is a 19" LCD monitor. If you want to see the specs they are at It should get here in a few days. I haven't decided what I should do will all the reclaimed desk space I will now have, or what to do with the old monitor. I'm real excited for my new monitor and maybe I'll post more pictures once it gets here.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Jeff

Happy Birthday Jeff. Even though he had to go to class all day he said he had a good day. After class we went with some friends to Apple Bees which was really good and then we went back to the apartment for some cake I made. Jeff wanted the confetti icing and confetti cake so I didn't even have to make any icing. And the pack of candles I bought had exactly 24 candles in it, perfect! He had a good day and we both can't believe he is already 24, practicaly an old man.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Trip to PA

Well I had a wonderful time visiting my family in Pennsylvania. The trip was prompted by my younger sisters' performance in "Rag time" Jenne` played Sarah, an african american girl that barried her baby alive and then was killed in the first act because she was trying to talk to a politician and his body guard thought she had a gun. So her lover started a gang to avenge her death. Kendra was in a ton of scenes and usually dancing in the front. They both did a great job.

My Mom and sisters also threw me a baby shower. It was beautiful and I had a wonderful time. I loved seeing a lot of people I hadn't seen since I got married. My most touching and surprising gift was from my siblings. They all got together and got us a glider for the baby. I was so surprised I cried. I really didn't expect it, thanks guys!

My family also got our picture taken together. The process was actually a lot of fun and now we have a beautiful picture me and my siblings. See Tiffany's blog for pictures.

I also got to go shopping with my Mom. I like shopping with her because unlike Jeff, when I come out of the dressing room she gives me her opinion of weather she likes it or not. Jeff usually states the item of clothing I'm wearing when I ask what he thinks. "It's a shirt."

Speaking of Jeff. That was probably the only downer of being in PA. He didn't come with me. He did call me on his own towards the end of the week which made me feel really good. Thank you for feeding him Patty and Carrie.

Another great thing about being in PA is the fact that my whole family was there. I even got to see some of my extended family and my Grandma. The nieces and nephews were fun to be around too. I must say that I love all of them but Trey particularly grew on me this trip. It was fun to see his personality come through a little bit. The same with Carter, since they are getting a little bit older they are really showing different traits.

It was just a fun visit. The only thing I would have changed is I would have stayed longer. I forgot to factor the fact that two days out of my trip are for traveling so I didn't have as much time as I wanted.