Monday, April 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Jeff

Happy Birthday Jeff. Even though he had to go to class all day he said he had a good day. After class we went with some friends to Apple Bees which was really good and then we went back to the apartment for some cake I made. Jeff wanted the confetti icing and confetti cake so I didn't even have to make any icing. And the pack of candles I bought had exactly 24 candles in it, perfect! He had a good day and we both can't believe he is already 24, practicaly an old man.


Tiffany said...

Happy Birthday, Jeff!

Snigger Fam said...

I meant to call him earlier today... HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE BROTHER!!! I can't believe you're freakin' 24 years old. Poor guy had to go to class!

The day I turned 24 I had to fly to Maine for a potato conference and my boss flew me into the wrong airport!!!! Doh!!! I had to wake up at 4am (after getting in at midnight) to take a 3-hr bus ride to Portland, ME, in the snow. Yeah that was fun. So maybe going to class isn't so bad!

Casey said...

Happy Birthday geezer.

On my 24th bday, Katie left for an art trip in New York.