Friday, March 30, 2007

Today when Jeff was walking out to go to class he found something left on our door. Someone gave me a really pretty journal with a picture of Christ with children on the front. I am almost done with my current one so I'm really excited I have another one to start. I really don't know who left it. I'm thinking it was either the girl I visit teach (She also is my visiting teacher). I gave my two weeks notice at Melaleuca today! I am really excited for school to start. Jeff got the job at Idaho National Laboratories. We are really excited. I made us each a cup cake to celebrate. I feel bad about eating one now though because it has been 18 days since I had any sugar. I will keep at it though. Jeff is taking me on a date tonight. I'm not sure of the details yet but I am really eager to get out of the apartment.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Today after work I went and got my hair highlighted. It is a bit lighter than I wanted but I think Jeff likes it. It is different and I'm sure I'll get use to it. It makes me want to go to the beach. I hope you all like it.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Last night I tried a new recipe from my magazine Pattie got me for Christmas. It is called Popover lemon chicken. It was alright. Jeff and I both agreed that it would have been better if it was served over rice. He wanted to take a picture because he has only seen popovers in muffin sizes. You should have seen his face when he looked in the oven and saw one the size of a pie! If you want the recipe just send me an email.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Today was our ward social. It was a lot of fun even though we didn't get a huge turn out. Jeff and me even got to take home an entire vegetable tray. I also went to a scrapbooking party and it was fun. It was for a company called close to my heart. I like their products a lot. They have a new kind of stamp that is acrylic and you stick them to a block so you don't have tons of big wooden stamps. The catalog even has tons of ideas on projects and layouts you can do. I like the company a lot. I won a free stamp set, it has flip flops and other summer things I can use.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Today Jeff and I went to the temple. It is a beautiful day. I saw two brides and a very tame squirrel. I am now getting ready to scrapbook and we might go to the park and play tennis. I feel like I am doing well on my diet. It's only been about six days so far though. I just love the weather today. I like having the windows open in the apartment. Jeff got an interview at Idaho National Laboratories. We are really glad he didn't get hired at Melaleuca not because this job will be much better for him. I'm excited to get off from Easter. I am working on Jeff's easter basket. I think he will like it a lot.

Friday, March 16, 2007

These are the logos I'm working on for Carrie. The colors look different and some are missing from some of them but it gives you an idea. The green one has Carrie Snider written under it in cool font. I'm still fixing them. I did all of them in a black and white version and none of them showed up. I wonder why the colors look so different.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Weekend with Company

This weekend Conrad and Sarah and her Mom and their baby stayed with us. We played board games and watched a movie and had a fondue. We also played laser tag. I came in 6th. Granted, it was a bunch of 12-year-olds playing, but they can be pretty tricky. We were sad they had to leave but the apartment felt huge when it was just Jeff and I. Unfortunately Sarah's camera had a big smudge on it. We didn't realize until it was too late. I hope you all enjoy the pictures anyway.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007


On Sunday we offered to watch Makayla. Her Dad is in TN finding a job and going to grad school. Her poor Mom has been by herself trying to get things ready to move. We offered her either to come over for dinner or to leave Makayla and we would watch her. She choose to get a little break from Makayla. She only wanted to be near Jeff. They watched vegie tales together and ate ice cream and gold fish.


This is our new futon and the pillows Patti got for us to match.
I don't know why but I'm having trouble adding pictures.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

First post

This is my first post. I don't have anything too exciting to post. I don't have cute pictures of kids but I figured I could post some of my design projects so my family and friends could see them. Jeff's Mom is here for the weekend and we are having so much fun. Last night we went to see Extravadance. The BYU Idaho Dance Alliance will be touring the east coast so anyone who gets a chance should go and see them. We've seen them perform twice. They are really great. Today we spent most of the day in Idaho Falls shopping and tonight we will probably go and see dream girls. I will post a picture of the new throw pillows we got for our futon.