Friday, March 30, 2007

Today when Jeff was walking out to go to class he found something left on our door. Someone gave me a really pretty journal with a picture of Christ with children on the front. I am almost done with my current one so I'm really excited I have another one to start. I really don't know who left it. I'm thinking it was either the girl I visit teach (She also is my visiting teacher). I gave my two weeks notice at Melaleuca today! I am really excited for school to start. Jeff got the job at Idaho National Laboratories. We are really excited. I made us each a cup cake to celebrate. I feel bad about eating one now though because it has been 18 days since I had any sugar. I will keep at it though. Jeff is taking me on a date tonight. I'm not sure of the details yet but I am really eager to get out of the apartment.

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Snigger Fam said...

No sugar for 18 days!!! How do you do it, woman?? I tried to go a week this week... I totally failed. You are inspiring. Nice cat pic, by the way.