Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Apartment

This is the post you have all been waiting for. We finally have the apartment put together. The pictures are pretty self explanatory. The red sofa, computer desk, and dresser in Austin's room are all from craigslist since arriving. The exersaucer is lent from another couple in the ward.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

West Lafayette

I have a lot of blogging to get caught up on. For those of you who did not know we are now in West Lafayette Indiana. We left Rexburg Idaho with our car and Jeep and trailer and drove for thirty hours in three days. We were very blessed with wonderful friends who opened their homes to us.

We love our new apartment. It looks a lot like our old apartment in Rexburg but it is bigger. We have two bathrooms now and a balcony. I really like the balcony. I put two plants out there. I have not had very good luck with plants in the past so hopefully I will give them just enough love that they can stick around and be beautiful. We also have a skylight in our family room and a vaulted ceiling.

So far we really like the city. It is really pretty here. There are trees everywhere and it is pretty flat. We live next to a corn field. It was 80 degrees today so spring is here for sure. Something we noticed about the city is that everyone has a dog. I mean it, everyone. People walk them all the time and they are in everyone's cars. Our neighbors have a miniature grey hound that is really cute. I don't see us getting a dog any time soon though so don't worry.

We really love the ward we are in. It is really large and they are just about ready to split, they are just waiting on a new building. We already went to a ward activity, kareokee. It was really fun. There are also a lot of relief society groups I am excited about. There is a couple that lives in the fourplex next to ours and they are going to grad school as well. They have a little girl who is a month older than Austin. Her name is Brielle! We have become friends with them. They invited us over for dinner on Friday and we had a really good time. We also met another couple in the ward that invited us over for dinner. They have a son who is about Austin's age. They are really nice and a lot of fun. We really miss our friends and family but I couldn't feel more welcome here.

I will have a few random pictures for this post. Here is a picture of a dresser we fixed up. We still have plans for it which include a mirror and a new pull for the cabinet. We also went to an activity on campus and it was really neat. They had bugs from Africa and other animals and mimes. We spent about two hours walking around and looking at the different tents each department had up.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

So Cool

I used some of Jeff's hair gel to spike Austin's hair. I think he looks so cool.

Almost crawling

Austin has been getting up on his hands and knees and started rocking. He actually makes some progress but mostly he ends up on his belly again and just rotates in a circle or scoots.