Thursday, August 2, 2012


Don't worry we are all fine and the house is fine. We got 12 inches of rain in an hour on Saturday. I've never seen rain or flooding as bad as that in my entire life. I was driving home when it started. Thank goodness for the Jeep. I was really nervous. Some parts of the road were flooded over the tires of the SUV in front of me. I think the construction was the culprit. Our road and driveway got some flooding too. Our drain was clogged so I put my crocks on and walked out and pulled all the junk out of the drain. The landscaping guys across the street got a kick out of it but after they saw how well it drained they did the same on their side of the street.


Julianne said...

Oh Florida rain! What an adventure. Glad your house is okay.

Vanessa said...

HAHA dumb construction guys