Thursday, July 19, 2012

Little Update

 This picture were taken before the fourth of July but I'm just now getting around to posting them.
Bennett loves our cat.  We are still working on teaching him soft touches.  We had a family home evening on compassion on Monday.  The lesson had a story about a little boy who took care of a kitten.  Throughout the story Bennett and Chloe fought and cried.  Don't feel bad for Chloe.  She was the instigator.  He was sitting on the floor playing nicely and she came over and brushed her tail all over his face. 

Bennett has been doing better walking. He takes three or four steps in a row before he chickens out and sits down.  Austin and Bennett have been doing a lot better playing together. Austin likes to make him laugh.  They play a game where Austin or Bennett throws a ball and they both go to get it.  Austin can swim on his own.  We have a few more weeks of swim lessons left so we will keep going but I won't sign him up for a class after this one finishes. 

Our front yard has grass.  I also cut back a huge bush in the front yard so we will be able to plant even more grass.  Next month we shouldn't really have anything to put out for Bulk pickup.  We are very excited.  Our house doesn't look like a short sale anymore! I still have a lot of after pictures to post.  I'll try to get on that soon.

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