Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Random Phone Pictures

 The title says it all. I was getting pictures off my phone so I thought I'd post them on my blog. I've already posted a lot of these to facebook but I like having it on my blog. Once a year I go through and print the pictures and scrapbook them. Austin loves to ride his bike. Every day we walk to the mailbox and Austin rides his bike. Then we go to the our community playground.
 Bennett loves to wear hats. He thought it was really funny to wear Daddy's hat.

 We were waiting in line to vote when I took this one. Austin wanted to bring his hedgehog to vote too. He named him Cubby. After Austin was a hedgehog for Halloween, Aunt Alycia got Cubby for Austin.
 Kid picnic table. We had the neighbor girls over to play. They loved the little picnic table that Jeff made. Bennett was happy at first but then he got sad that he had to share his veggie straws.
 Sliding at the play ground. Bennett can go down by himself now.
 Bennett spends most of his time either on the swings or the slide.
 Being silly. The other day Austin asked me why Bennett follows him around everywhere. I said it is because he loves him. Then I asked Austin why he follows me around everywhere.
 Sitting in the chair at the doctor office. He was pleased with himself for getting on by himself.
 Thanksgiving craft.
 My little Chef. Austin loves to cook. He is making gravy here. I love his "safety mitts"
 Austin comes in to wake me up every morning. Usually he is awake for a bit before he comes in. He was proud that he made himself breakfast. It was a bowl of icing.
 Eating target popcorn while we waited for the Jeep to get new tires and a repair. We were there for three hours. The boys were really patient and wonderful.
 Playing with Austin's new pirate ship, "Bucky"
 Riding the pony's at a birthday party. Austin was on the pony more than any of the other kids. They were more interested in the bounce house but Austin loved riding.
 Bennett liked it as long as he wasn't moving and he could have his juice box while he sat.
 making a smile train track.
 Double trouble. The boys like to collaborate when making messes.
 Bennett loves hats. He found this hat in a box of cloths I put away that are too small for him.
 Playing at the park.
 Austin and Bennett watching a movie. Austin kept his hand there most of the movie to make sure Bennett didn't fall off the ottoman.
 Digging in the sand. Austin likes to keep his helmet on. Bennett isn't a big fan of sand but sometimes if Austin plays with him he plays in it too.
Bottom of the drawer pajamas. A woody pajama shirt with bicycle pajama bottoms. Bennett was very pleased to be standing on his dresser.

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Patty K said...

I love the picture of Bennett crying because he doesn't want to share. Also his extra-stylish pajama set.