Wednesday, April 11, 2007

For Easter Jeff and I went to see Sarah and Conrad and Patti and Clint. I dyed eggs and we went to Joel and Mirra's wedding reception. Conrad dared me to dance with Grandpa and I did. I think it shocked him. It was a lot of fun. Patti gave me a plant and I got some English Daisy seeds at Walmart yesterday. I am becoming quite the little gardener. I got the fabric I need for my sewing class. It was fun picking out fabric with Patti. Other than that I have been working on Carrie's business card and stationary. I'm excited for school to start. Friday is my last day at Melaleuca, woot!


Sarah said...

I didn't know that was a dare!! You looked so sincere! OK I've got the next dance. NOT on a dare. ;)

Snigger Fam said...

oh my word, did you get a picture of this famed dance?? i bet he hasn't danced in YEARS.