Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Illuminated Cross

This is a story I wrote at work today.
Helen Binders found an interesting way to celebrate Christmas.
Binders, 91, Ontario, portrays her strong faith and one of the most powerful symbols in Christianity into a striking display on her front lawn.
The display — a tall, white cross — sparkles and shines at her home situated on 11th Ave.
“We always put Santa Claus and reindeer out and I thought what would be prettier then a plain cross?” Binders said.
Binders developed the idea and put the cross up on her yard with no help.
So the cross is more than just a symbol, Binders said as she sat down Wednesday in one of her blue reclining chairs in her front room.
The cross, adorned with Christmas lights, is a steady reminder of her strong Catholic faith and the joy of Christmas.
It has special meaning now, after Binders, acting on advice from her doctor to avoid large crowds, no longer attends Mass.
“This is the first year I put it up,” Binders said.
Binders said she plans to continue to put the cross up each year.
“As long as I live,” she said with a smile.
Binders has lived a large part of her life — 45 years — in Ontario. To Binders, Ontario’s attributes are obvious.
“Its a small, friendly community,” she said.
The cross has gained some attention, BInders said.
“I don’t know about the community, but my next door neighbor said it was lovely,” she said.
Binders is the Mother of four children and grandmother of six grandchildren and was able to spend Christmas with her family on the Binders Ranch.
Binders also said she’s had her brush with fame. She is the mother-in-law to the late actor John Beradino who played Dr. Hardy on the TV soap General Hospital. Her other “claim-to-fame” is the fact she is a proud Mother of a family of basketball champions, her impressive age of ninety-one and now of course, the cross in her front yard illuminated for all to see.
Her house is fully decorated inside and out including more crosses, lights, plenty of pictures and Christmas knickknacks displayed for enjoyment.
The cross is one of the most powerful symbols in Christianity, according to The Encyclopedia Britannica.
“From its simplicity of form, the cross has been used both as a religious symbol and as an ornament, from the dawn of man’s civilization. Various objects, dating from periods long anterior to the Christian era, have been found, marked with crosses of different designs, in almost every part of the old world.”


Casey Redd Kennington said...

Nice first article! Have you moved into your new place yet?

Brielle & Jeffrey Kennington said...

We haven't moved in yet. The family that is living there right now is moving out tomorrow. They want to get the carpets cleaned for us so we don't know exactly when we can move in.

Snigger Fam said...

Wow Brielle, that is a great article!!! It's perfect!!! :) I bet they love you at the Argus.