Thursday, February 25, 2010

So Busy

 Austin likes to keep busy all day. He spends most of his time dumping out his toy bin or taking all his books off his shelf and then trying to put them back. Mostly they end up not being put back.

 He likes to "help" me keep my paper tote organized by taking everything out. I have some stencils in there he really likes. Austin also likes to pet Choloe the kitty. He will give her kisses if you ask him to.

Jeff showed him that some of his pants have pockets so he likes to put as many things as he can in his pockets. Sometimes he puts toys down his onsie and when I change him for bed I'll find cars or dominoes stuck to his chest. He cracks me up.


Leamaster Family said...

I love his smile in the last picture, he is such a cutie!

Snider Family said...

What a wild man! Looks like his head is healing nicely.

Patty K said...

Your writing style when you blog posts about Austin, along with the wonderful pictures, would make a good children's book!