Monday, December 13, 2010

Toy Story

We got Austin Toy Story 3 when it was on sale during Black Friday. He wants to watch it every minute of every day. He is obsessed. His favorite character is Buzz Light year. Since watching Toy Story Austin has started talking to his toys...mostly when he is by himself in his room. He also loves the end of the movie when You've got a friend in me is played with spanish lyrics. He likes to dance and jump. When he was watching the movie I looked over and he had rolled his car over and used it to sit on. I thought it was really funny so I took a picture.


Melody said...

That is so cute! Andrew won't sit for a whole movie, but if he did, it would probably be a Mickey Mouse movie! lol.

angeline said...

He is so cute! I'm impressed that you lived through black Friday, it was crazy here!
P.S. The movie in the picture looks like Finding Nemo to me. :D

Susan Staus said...

So cute! I had to sit with JJ to make him watch it. He doesn't like any movie that is the slightest bit scary. And I wanted to see the movie. So Dave and I made him stay in the room and watch it.
That's great that Austin loves the movie!

Patty K said...

Still the old TV? I can't believe it still works!