Monday, March 14, 2011

Best Buds

Austin and our cat Chloe are really good friends. She has been such a great cat. She plays with Austin and tolerates a lot of rough play from him. Sometimes she is a partner in crime too. Austin knows that my craft table is off limits but sometimes he will go over and start looking at all my craft stuff. Without fail Chloe goes over and starts knocking stuff off the table onto the floor so he can get it. Sometimes I think Chloe is harsher to Austin then she is to him. She likes to sit on the arm of our couch and then when Austin walks by she will smack him in the head. He loves it and always laughs. Austin also loves to boss her around. He is always telling her to get down or not to touch his toys. She usually just ignores him or purposely drags his toy off so he has to chase her. I wish I could get more videos of them playing. Usually when I get the camera out he stops what he is doing and starts hamming it up for the camera. These are what I managed to get one day.

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