Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sunday Best

I found this little suit at a yard sale last summer. Austin wore it a couple of times. I never remembered to get a picture. This year he has worn it a few times and this Sunday I decided it was too small for him to wear again so before church I took some pictures. I may still use the suit coat because it still fits him. It was Jeff's idea to pull his socks up right before I took the picture.

 He is looking for a pine cone bird feeder we made at the garden extravaganza in Lafayette.

 There are the socks pulled up.
 He was leaning over because that is what I was doing to try to get down on his level better while wearing heals and a skirt.

 This face make me laugh. This is the same smile Jeff uses sometimes.

I love my little man!!!


Rachelle said...

He is such a handsome boy!

Jen said...

Love these pictures Brielle. He is so adorable and I love the suit!