Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Brothers First Meeting

I apologize for being behind on my blogging. I've been a little busy :) My Mom watched Austin for us while we were in the hospital. The day after Bennett was born she brought Austin to the hospital to meet him. Austin was very good about it. He patted my belly after he saw him and said "Bennett's empty". We got Austin a train and told him it was from Bennett. He tried to share the train with him but he wasn't interested. It offended Austin a little but he had fun holding him. He loves to kiss him and hold him and when Bennett cries he tries to sooth him. I love my little boys!

My Mom got him this shirt. He looked so handsome!


Breanna said...

Isn't it amazing how BIG your little boy looks now that you have a baby? That is what I remember the most when Eli was born and Landon came to the hospital. I thought he was a giant!

Carrie Snider said...

Yippeeee! Brothers!!!

Leah said...

So sweet, Brielle, these little boys! I think they are will be great BFFs!