Friday, August 19, 2011

My Sweetie Pie

Bennett is a joy. He is always smiling. He used to hate to have his diaper changed but now he loves it and he looks up at me and smiles and laughs the whole time. It makes me laugh and then he laughs more and then Austin laughs. It is so cute. He seems to like his bumbo chair. I started him off sitting in it for only a few minutes at a time. Now he will sit in it for about 20 minutes very happily.

Of course as soon as I get the camera out he is so mesmerized he stops smiling and just stares at me.


Patty K said...

Bumbo chair. That's so funny. He does look mesmerized! Post more videos!

Leamaster Family said...

He is getting so big and super cute! How are you guys doing?