Saturday, May 12, 2007

Today I rode a horse for the first time. Jeff and i realized our battery was low so the camera kept shutting off but we got a few pictures. It was a lot of fun. My knee that I hurt last fall was hurting during the ride though. I rode a horse named Oreo and Jeff rode C. Biscuit. I didn't like the name of my horse and he didn't respond to it anyway so I called him Stanley. I would go again anytime! There were a few times Stanley would jump a bit because the dumb squirrelly girl behind me kept letting her horse bite mine in the butt, and when we went across the water Stanley stopped and was stomping and soaked my legs. It was hot though so I didn't mind getting wet.


Snigger Fam said...

Did Jeff teach you anything about riding? I don't remember if he rode much on grandpa's horses when we had them. Not that they were very tame! I do like the name Stanely way better!

Sarah said...

hehe- He stopped just to stomp around and get you wet! That's great. :)