Monday, May 28, 2007

Trip to Kuna and Ontario

This weekend Jeff and I went to Ontario to spend time with Jeff's parents and Conrad and Sarah and Athena. We went paint balling on Saturday which was a lot of fun. I have some nice battle wounds but I did very well. I enjoyed using my paint ball gun that Jeff painted pink for me. We also went shopping and I found a dress for Dane's wedding. It is red. I will have to show pictures later when I feel like getting dressed up. We also went to see Pirates of the Carribean III. It was good but the plot was a little hard to follow. I picked out a quilt that I am going to make this summer. I also got a few good pictures of Jeff wearing one of Athena's pink blankets. He tried to take it off before I got too many. Jeff and Conrad also tried to fix the scooter but it was not fixable. I think they had fun working on it and taking it apart though. On the way home Jeff and I stopped and took some pictures of Craters of the Moon. It is 75 square miles of volcanic rock. You can even see the swirls made by the magma. It was pretty cool to stop and take some pictures.


Sarah said...

LOL! you got some pretty telling shots. That's exactly what our weekend looked like.

Sarah said...

Jeff in the pink blankie- i like that

Casey said...

Looks like we missed out on a fun weekend.