Monday, March 3, 2008


This weekend Jeff and I went up to McCall. We stayed in a condo that belongs to the Dames, our friends and people who we rent our house from. We invited Jeff's cousin Tyson and his wife Breanna and their son Landon. I hope I spelled his name right. We went up on Friday after my doctor appointment which went very well. My doctor said I am 12 weeks along and Jeff and I got to hear the baby's heart beat. It took awhile to find at first but once we heard it I got a big smile on my face and I gasped, it was so cool!
So when we got to McCall we pretty much just got settled in and hung out. The next morning Jeff and I made breakfast and then we went to town to see some of the shops. We got ice cream and had fun seeing all the cute stores and tons of snow. It actually snowed about six inches while we were there. Jeff and Tyson were hoping to get snowed in so we would have to stay an extra few days. Breanna made pizza for lunch and then we all went to a bead/pottery shop while Tyson watched Landon. Breanna and I made bracelets and poor Jeff sat there and watched. It was a really neat shop. You could pick out each individual bead and then make them while you were there. They also had pottery that you could paint and glaze and they would ship it to you. I would have loved to do the pottery but it was a bit pricey and I would have wanted to really think about what I wanted to paint. When we got back we played games and hung out. The next morning we slept in and then cleaned up after ourselves and then went home.
It was a wonderful weekend. Breanna and Tyson and Landon were great company and a lot of fun. Landon is such a boy but he can whip out tears on comand which worked on me to let him outside on the balcony at least twice. In one of the pictures you can see remnants of tears.


Tiffany said...

I am glad you had such a fun weekend.

Jen said...

Ahhh.. I didn't know you are pregnant!! I am so excited for you!! You're coming back to Rexburg, right?

Breanna and Tyson said...

Tons of fun! Oh hey, we were there! :) I so need to come over and get these pictures. Maybe on Wednesday I will stop by early or maybe after the party... Thanks again for the invite!

Brenda Sheffield said...

I am so excited for you! That is so exciting. Babies are lots of fun!

I still am having a hard time believing that there is snow anywhere. It got up to 95 degrees yesterday, we keep having to turn on the air conditioning.