Saturday, June 7, 2008

Baby Stuff

Jeff and I got a lot of our baby furniture. I am really excited. I think Jeff is excited too because as soon as we got home he opened everything and put it together. We also got a wireless internet card for his desktop so we can put the desk in the family room so we don't wake the baby when we are working on homework. So back to the loot. We ordered a glider and ottoman, it was a gift from my siblings, thanks Tiff, Lee, Dane, Nay and Kendra and their significant others. I love the glider. I'm actually using it right now. I put my feet up and I work on homework on my laptop. It's great! We also got the crib. We just need a matress and the bedding and we are set. We also got a travel system which is a stroller and car seat with the base. Since we live in a tundra we also got a cover for the outside of the car seat that just goes around it really easy and unzips so you can leave it on and take the baby out. We also got a changing table. My Friend Melodee gave me a gift card to Toys R Us and we really liked it as soon as we saw it. Last but not least, we got a pack n play but I don't have a picture. It came with a travel bag, changing table and bassinet. We will put that up in our room and keep Austin in that for awhile.

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Breanna and Tyson said...

I love what you chose for your furniture!!! so my style. Hey, one and a half babies later and I finally have a changing table! Yay for me. oh, and we sorely miss you gusy!