Saturday, June 14, 2008


Ok I know I have been the worse blogger every these past few months but we have been keeping pretty busy. I have been tackling my 18 credits and still working at the information desk. I have to dress up for work so my Mom came to the rescue and got me some maternity cloths to tide me over, Thanks Mom.
I am enjoying my classes. I am taking persuasion, advanced college writing, Advanced visual media, Money Management, Interior Design and Media Research. All my classes are challenging but I like them a lot.
For Advanced Visual media I am "slowly" working on my website. I posted some projects I did for the class on there too. It isn't nearly finished and I already want to change the main page. I just use it to present my projects for the class.
Jeff has been super busy with his five engineering classes. I don't know what they are called. He has a lot of group work and he spends many hours programing and planning things (I'm not sure what sometimes). This is the first semester I ever remember him having to do work outside of class.
To answer some of your questions, yes I have a pregnant belly but I have been avoiding taking pictures. I don't like my pregnant face.
We just registered for classes. I am taking two half credit classes online, Concentration and Time Management. I know, a little lame for a senior to take but it fit well into my schedule and I bet it will be easy. I am also taking home decor sewing, Media Strategy Planning, Introduction to Orginizational communications and home and family management. I'm excited. I only have to be on campus for 4 classes. Jeff is taking biology lab (yes, pretty lame for his last semester too), tennis, an engineer class and sociology and religion online. He might also take either an intro car mechanics class or badmitten.
Aside from the heart echo scare, which turned out to be nothing, we are healthy. We have been on a homemade pizza kick thanks to Carrie and Patty's crust recipe and a pizza stone that Dane and Laurel gave me for my birthday.
We are looking forward to the baby coming and for family to come and visit us.


Erin said...

I like your car seat! I noticed it on the post below. Oh Brielle, no doubt that it is a boy carseat. NO DOUBT!

Alycia said...

we want pregnancy pics!!! :-)

Sarah said...

ditto Alycia!