Saturday, February 14, 2009

Dairy Delights

I have been doing really well on my diet. I don't eat sugar all week and then on Fridays I get to eat sugar. So for our date night and my sugar night we went to our favorite ice cream place in Rexburg. It is called G's Dairy Delights. We have a starving student card that had a free scoop of ice cream on it so Jeff and I split that one. It was really good and I took a picture of Austin and Jeff with the cow to remember that fun place by. We have good memories of our friends the McKinneys and the Sheffields getting ice cream there.


Jen said...

You gotta love G's Dairy. They take WIC now too. Last time I used my WIC check, I got a free ice cream scoop.

Brenda Sheffield said...

I have good memories of those times too. It was always a fun trip.