Thursday, August 27, 2009

Binki Baby

Austin is still a binki baby. I've tried to keep his binki in his crib so he only gets it during naps but if he doesn't have something in his mouth at all times he finds something else to fill it. Or he never stops making noises! Hmmm...I wonder where he gets that from.


The Rexburgites said...

I can't even believe how big Austin is getting. He keeps getting cuter and cuter! We sure miss you guys! Move back to the west!

Robert and Lisa said...

He sure looks like a keeper! How've you guys been?

Susan Staus said...

Yeah, I try that with Tanner too. I can't stand the crying so I give in and give it to him. If I'm not holding him or playing with him he just cries and I go nuts! Although I have become more strict lately. When I get him up, unless he's sick, we throw it in his crib. However, he'll go up there and come down with it and his blankie. But we put it back, it's so hard not to give in and give to him. I'm glad I'm not the only one.