Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Iron Woman

As I was going about my day changing diapers, making cards, cooking, cleaning I started to think about the little things that I consider challenging for me. I invented my own Iron Woman competition. I hope the categories give you a little chuckle.

Spider Squashing:
It this event the Iron Woman walks around with a napkin or paper towel killing and disposing of as many spiders as possible. No feet or other objects allowed, the contestant must use her hands with the help of her paper towel. Sadly this would be very hard for me. I'm sure if I really had to do it I could but it would take a lot to get me to do it. Rats, snakes, mice I can handle but I hate...Hate...HATE spiders. Ewww everything about them makes me want to scream. They can hide anywhere! They are fast! They can climb! They can bite! They leave a sticky transparent web for you to find!

Opening the Macaroni & Cheese box:
This one may take some explaining. If you have ever made macaroni and cheese from the box you might understand. The company provides a small half circle on the side of the box. They conveniently "perforate" the area to allow for easy opening. I have never been able to open the box at this spot. I've used my nails and fingers with no success. I usually just open the top like you would a normal box. Any woman who can open the box of macaroni and cheese where the manufacturers intend is an Iron Woman.

Grocery Stair Climb:
This task includes carrying all the grocery bags, two gallons of milk, the baby, the diaper bags and car keys in one trip. Don't forget to keep the keys in a strategic position so locking the car and opening the door is possible. The middle of this challenge includes a flight of stairs. When you finally climb the stairs with all of your stuff in hand the baby will drop his Binky down the stairs. I have successfully mastered this challenge but it is not fun.

Reaching Stuff on the top shelf of the kitchen cabinet:
I understand that his may not be hard for some women but for me it is. Even with a stool sadly. Once I was climbing on the counters when I was home from college for the semester. I was trying to reach something from the top shelf and my dad walked into the kitchen and saw me kneeling on the counter. He laughed and said, "What are you two? Get a chair!"


JKGROSS said...

that is so funny! I am still trying to figure out how to get everything around the house done now that Riley is here. :0) Being a Mom and Wife/Housekeeper is a FULL-TIME job. :0) Call me sometime!

Sarah said...

Hehe. That was a great post! :) loved the spider one. You might have to forward that to have other ladies comment on their iron woman feats. I can already think of some.

The stool was pretty funny too, shorty :)

Snigger Fam said...


Megan said...

hahahaha! oh you could add so many things to that list!!

Breanna said...

love the grocery 'trek' when we were married for a year or so, Tyson started having me practice carrying a ton of things from the car to the house in preparation of such occasions. Isn't he so thoughtful?

Katie Kennington said...

How interesting...I should think about what mine would be. Maybe having baby number two would be somewhere in there for me. hehe. I totally agree with you on the spider thing, so nasty!