Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy Halloween

I was looking at past posts and I realized I forgot to post Halloween pictures. We found Austin's Lion costume at a yard sale. We were really excited because I was actually looking into making him a lion costume. His favorite stuffed animal is a lion so he carried it around while we went trick-or-treating. I didn't think he would really care about trick-or-treating but he really loved it. He liked walking by himself in his lion costume holding his treat bag and lion. He would start to laugh when we would knock on the doors and he really liked the neighbors' reactions when they saw him. Of course his favorite part was getting candy. Yes, my one year old knows what candy is. We only let him eat one piece a day so he would still eat his vegetables. After trick-or-treating we went to our friends house for a trunk or treat with some other friends from our ward. They had a really friendly dog and Austin usually likes dogs but I think he was tired. We kept him up past his bedtime so we could do more fun Halloween stuff. It was a really fun Halloween and I'm already thinking about what to dress him up as next year!

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JKGROSS said...

cute! I really miss you! Call me :0)