Sunday, November 29, 2009

Indianapolis Zoo

Two of my high school friend came to visit me the second week of November. I was so excited for them to come. When we picked them up from the airport we went to the Indianapolis Zoo. Austin really liked the animals. They had a dolphin show and it was really neat to be able to walk around the zoo when it was practically empty. They had a shark petting tank. I think that was Austin's favorite part. I don't know if he liked touching the water or sharks better. We also took a trip to Chicago but my camera batteries died as soon as we got into the city so I don't have many pictures. It was a really good visit and I was sad to see them leave. Thankfully I'm only 12 hours away so I'll be able to see them again in December. Thanks Steph and Sarah!


Erin said...

hey brielle, e-mail me your address because I want to send you a christmas card! Austin is so cute. I can't believe how big he is and that you gave him a saw to carve pumpkins!

angeline said...

Awesome pictures! You must have a good camera to get such good close ups. We went to the zoo last month, it's so much fun!

Julie Renee Holland said...

Thanks for sharing the cute pictures. My little girl loved looking a the animals.