Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Jenne` & Jace's Wedding

On Saturday my little sister was married in the Salt Lake City Temple. It was a beautiful wedding. Jenne` was breathtaking in her dress and Jace looked so handsome. We had a luncheon on Friday and then the wedding and reception were the following day. It was very cold but we were lucky enough to get some pictures between bouts of rain. Jenne` picked out our dress fabric and we each got to pick out our patterns. My Mom made all of our dresses. We all helped but she did the majority of the work. Thanks Mom! It was so much fun staying in a hotel together. We gave Nay presents the night before her wedding and we also gave Laurel and Dane some presents for their baby girl. One of my favorite parts of the trip was seeing Laurel pregnant. She was there for me during my entire pregnancy and birth of Austin and we had to move away before she got pregnant. I loved seeing her baby girl move and she even let me touch her stomach...a lot! hehe I hope I didn't make her feel uncomfortable but I love prego bellies. These pictures were taken by Tiff, I didn't bring my camera.


Miss Candy Anderson said...

You guys looked SO pretty in your dresses! I kept wishing I had done this or that with my dress like all of your dresses! It was so nice to get to know all of you and we just LOVE Jenne'!

Amie said...

Love those dresses! That's impressive that your mom made them all. I wish I had those kind of skills!

Susan Staus said...

You all look fabulous!! I'm glad you had a great time!