Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Little Miss Chloe

We love our cat. She isn't your ordinary cat. She is a lot smaller then most cats, she likes to be held in odd positions and she likes to have her tummy rubbed. She also likes to play. Sometimes Austin will try to touch her paw and she will just lift it up out of the way and then he will try to touch the other one and she just lifts it up out of the way. She usually does this for about 30 seconds before slapping him in the head. Austin laughs so hard and it is really fun to watch. I have been trying to get a video of it because it is so funny but I haven't been able to. I finally got a few pictures.


Miss Candy Anderson said...

What a cute cat!! You must be a cat person!

Carrie Snider said...

Oh my gosh, she's a biter? LOL. She has evil eyes in some of those pics.