Thursday, August 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Brielle

Austin's friend Brielle turned two this month. They are such good little buddies. It is really nice having them live right next door. To celebrate we met the Leamasters at the park. I helped Holly make Brielle's cake the day before. It was really weird writing my own name on a cake. It was so much fun to make though and it was really yummy. I think the kids liked it too.

The cake said Happy Birthday Brielle and it had a picture of the Toy story horse thunderbolt on it. Brielle loves horses. 

Brielle is getting her first glimpse of her present from her grandma. 

Austin and Matthew were more excited about the balloons then the bike. Briell knew better though..she was thrilled. 

Here is Matthew and his Mom Michelle. Their new baby Alice slept the entire time in her car seat. I didn't really get a good picture of her because I didn't want to disturb her. :(

Brielle's big present from Mommy and Daddy.

Jeff and Austin. 

Matthew trying to give Brielle a present.

Brielle graciously accepting. 

An Eric Carle book. That is Austin and my favorite author.

This is our attempt to get all the kids sitting together for the birthday song.

Austin blew out Brielle's candle but I don't think she noticed. Sorry Brielle...

mmmmmm...icing with a bite of wax.

Austin claiming his piece.

Austin thought Brielle was going to put the icing in his mouth. He followed her finger with his mouth open right up until she put it in her mouth.

Waiting for cake and ice cream.

mmmm... Vanilla cake with buttercream icing and chocolate ice cream.

Matthew enjoyed it too.

He got the whole thing in his mouth.

Brielle telling Austin he had ice cream on his face.

I couldn't help myself...look at those eye lashes!

Brielle and her Daddy, RJ, playing with her new present. 

I don't know who's wagon this is. Jeff came walking down the sidewalk with Brielle and Austin in it. It belonged to someone else that was playing on the playground. I'm assuming he asked permission before borrowing it. 

Last piece of cake.

Brielle was very nice and gave Matthew and Austin a balloon. They were both really excited about it.

Matthew makes this face a lot...he looks so cute with this little teeth sticking out.

Matthew's Dad suggested he stick out his tongue for this picture. Still cute.

RJ retrieving a lost balloon.

Brielle following Matthew in the tongue sticking out pose. 

An attempt to keep the balloon from flying away....again.

Austin is obsessed with Balls right now but he was too short to get the ball in the net. He tried to stick it up through the bottom instead.

This is our attempt to get all the kids together for a picture with their balloons. There are about 20 more pictures that look very similar to this.

This is the best balloon shot I could get with all the kids. At least they are standing near each other and you can see one of their faces right?

Austin with his balloon.

Austin pondering.

Hopefully I'll take as many picture for Austin's birthday in a month. I didn't get a picture of the picnic table that Jeff made for Brielle for her birthday. It looks just like the one we made for Austin but we didn't paint it. We wanted to let the Leamasters pick out a color.

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little people are so sweet. :) I love them.