Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Chair

 We got a new chair off craigslist. It is super comfy and Austin and I can fit comfortably on it together. My Mom made the quilt that is on the chair and I made the baby that is on the quilt :)
 He's sad because I'm not holding him.
 I love his little feet!

Big brother stepped in to try and make him happy. Bennett likes to look at Austin but sometimes he gets nervous when Austin is around.


Katie Kennington said...

Awesome chair! Can you find me one too...with the blanket and the cute baby and everything!?

Kristen G. said...

That was a funny post! I like how you said you made the baby on the quilt :0) I pictured you saying that as I read it! hehe.

Patty K said...

Bennett does look a little alarmed. I'm sure he will get over it!

Sarah said...

Lol ditto Kristen! Bennett is adorable! He is the perfect mix of you two. I do think your boys look a little more like you though Brielle because they are pretty.