Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Our new Home

I apologize for how long it's taken me to get pictures of our new place. I really do love my apartment. It is really nice and I feel like we fit really well here. There is plenty of storage and the rooms are nice and big. I love the pool which I still need to get a picture of. I am excited to do something fun with our balcony as well. some of the rooms still need some decorating help but we haven't been here that long. Sorry about some of the mess but I couldn't keep the whole house clean at one time :)
Picture when you first walk through our door.

Family Room and office.

You can kind of see the balcony behind Austin.

The kitchen. This is just about the only thing I don't like about my new place. The kitchen is super tiny. The counters are weird and textured too so I won't be able to roll fondant out on them :(

Meet Austin's new fish...Black. He named him all by himself.

Family Room

Entryway and Dinning room

Master Bathroom.

Craft area. I won't be able to make cards here but I'm hoping to be able to sew.

Master Bedroom. That was the first quilt I ever made.


I love my big tub. Austin asks to go swimming in it :)

second bathroom

second bathroom

I still need to add some things to Austin's walls. 


Alycia said...

looks really nice! :-)

Patty K said...

It looks great! The pictures above the red couch, the Ikea organizer, and the table and chairs and computer desk make it look like home. It was very fun being there! Now you have two extra queen-size mattresses for visitors.

Julianne said...

Fun! how are you liking the weather so far? How's the neighborhood? It has been so crazy hot and humid the past couple days that I thought for sure I was back in Florida. I hope your place has reliable AC!