Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

Austin was really excited when we told him we were going to the pumpkin patch. He is used to going on a tractor ride out to the pumpkins and picking them himself. We are usually all bundled up because it is really chilly. This year was a little different. We laughed when we got there. The pumpkins were just sitting in a grassy area. They brought in straw and some "farm" equipment as they called it. I love that some of our pumpkin patch pictures has palm trees in the background.

Bennett is looking at the camera.
Austin is looking at the camera.
Oh come on guys!
*sigh* I think I just need to accept that I probably won't get any pictures of both of them together looking at the camera.
There is that smile I'm always talking about.
He's even cute when he is mad.
My big boy.
I thought this pumpkin looked weird.
Pumpkin "patch"
Another weird pumpkin.
Look at those eyes!!!
Austin found a bug on one of the pumpkins.
This i the face I got when I asked Austin to look up at me.
And this is what I got when I asked him to put his head down a little.
I guess that is Florida farm equipment. I love the palm trees behind it.
Pumpkin Feet. I love his little sleeper.


Jen said...

great post Brielle. Sounds like you photo shoots go similar to ours! Ha ha, I loved reading your directions and seeing the pictures! Your boys are so adorable!

Kristen G. said...

So cute! We're going this week, Riley's excited!

Leamaster Family said...

Cute pictures! They are getting so big. We miss you guys. How does Jeff like his job?

Melody said...

Haha, that is quite the pumpkin patch! Not really one in the traditional sense, but oh well. It looks like the boys had fun! (And they are so cute!)