Sunday, May 13, 2012

House Updates

We finished painting the family room and kitchen before we moved in but I'm waiting to take pictures until I have some pictures hung up and I need to have Jeff home so I can tidy up and he can keep the little beasts at bay.  This weekend was very productive for us! We did a bunch of cleaning and a few odd jobs and we painted the dinning room.


Big screen TV and bugs and dirt on the floor. Cobwebs and a terrible paint job. I didn't hate the paint color but it was just a little off.


This is our dining room table.  I have plans for the chandelier they left.  They had said they wanted to take it but they changed their minds I guess. The wall color is called Topsail.  It is a light blue color.  I still need to come up with some sort of artwork for the walls.  I know a great artist that I might commission to do something for this space ;) (you know who you are)  I also plan on cleaning the grout and like I said before, doing something with the chandelier.

This is the view from the hall going into the kitchen.  The space is really big.  We could fit a buffet or China hutch in the space.  I love the big window.  I still need to pressure wash it from the outside and figure out some sort of window treatment.  If you have any ideas let me know.  I'm assuming I just leave the half circle bare and then put a curtain rod between the lower and upper window.  I'm thinking floor length sheer panels.  Jeff wants to leave it bare but I'm a fabric girl and I can't help but put fabric up when I have the opportunity.  I also don't want the neighbors to be able to see in at night once we starting using our living room. What do you think?


Vanessa said...

There are fan-shaped shades (cheap) you can cut to the shape of your window if you need privacy or to filter out direct sunlight (

As for curtains--YES of course! I have to insist with Mark because he doesn't see the purpose in them (I usually just put them up without his input...). They soften the hard lines and add color or pattern to a room, make it feel more complete IMHO. I had a window similar to that that I used a curtain with and it looked good (I'll email it to you when I find it).

I'm really enjoying the paint colors you're choosing. SO pretty!

Patty K said...

Finally you have a nice spot to put that beautiful dining room set. The chandelier is perfect, too. A hutch one day would be even more perfect.

Katie Kennington said...

I am so happy for you guys that you finally have a house to live in. That is so much fun! I love all the wall space you have. It seems I never have enough wall space for all the stuff I would love to hang up. I would love to put lots of maps in our dining room, but as always, no space...well, no wall really, our dining room has a slanted ceiling. And I agree with Vanessa about the curtains, they help it feel so much more comfy and homey.