Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New Entertainment Center

I love to do swaps.  You do this for me and I'll do this for you kind of thing.  My friend offered me an entertainment center so I said I'd do some sewing for her.  I think I got the better end of the deal :)

I told Jeff if he put our current tv there to see how it looked I would take a picture.  Maybe it was just really late but it made us laugh for a long time.  We plan on eventually getting a bigger.  The little tv is currently in the family room. Really only the kids use it.

My favorite part is the top molding. 

cat free picture.  She can't jump that high.  Jeff put her on top of the shelf. This thing is huge! It can get bigger and smaller depending on what size you need it to be for your tv. 

These are the cushions I made for her in exchange for the huge entertainment center.  They look better on her chairs because they fit better.  I just used one of my chairs to take a picture.  I made four of them and they match her window valences.  I'm also going to be making her some pillows.


JKGROSS said...

That is an awesome entertainment center! I love everything that you have done with your home! It looks so different and beautiful! Who would have thought that is what it looked like before! Hope we can get together something since were not too far away...Florida and South Carolina! I miss you Brielle!

Patty K said...

Good grief, you outdid yourself on this swap. That is a huge entertainment center. I like the natural finish. I can't believe you still have that pathetic little TV. How nice to be able to use your sewing skills like this!