Sunday, November 25, 2012

How to Photograph a Cat

Step 1: Place delicate handmade ornaments on your patio coffee table to photograph in good lighting

Step 2: Allow your cat to lay on the delicate ornaments.

Step 3: Pretend to not want her to be there so she will stay so you can take her picture.

Step 4: Use depth of field (subject in focus with blurry background).

Step 5: Zoom in really close and try to get some nice different angles. Make sure you remember to try to push her off the table a few times between pictures so she doesn't go away. As soon as I started to pet her and give her attention, she left.


Melody said...

Bahahaha, that's hilarious.

Patty K said...

Wow, what good pictures of Chloe. She is very photogenic. My cat wouldn't hold still for that long.