Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sisters Weekend

I had the best weekend. I went to Texas to see my sisters. My youngest sister Kendra is going to Denver Colorado to serve a mission for our church for 18 months.

This was our last gathering before she leaves in a week.We spent most of our time shopping, eating and playing cards. My sister Alycia rolled a 6 Yahtzee on the first roll! It was just so much fun and I'm sad it is over.

It was nice to be away from my kids and house duties for a few days. I did miss them though. About twelve hours after I got home Jeff had to leave for work. He is in Missouri now. The boys and I are keeping busy. I think they are glad to have me back.

I love my sisters! It makes me happy when I hear people comment about how much we look alike. 

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Triple Bypass said...

You and your sister's are babes!!