Monday, October 29, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

 We went to the Flamingo Nursery on Saturday. It was a disappointment. I think the kids enjoyed themselves but it wasn't what we were hoping for.

This is the best picture of the boys together I could get.

This car was honking his horn and squirting water and flashing lights by itself.  It freaked Austin out a little.

They boys are both really excited for Halloween. They are still in love with their hedgehog costumes. They only take them off to eat and sleep.

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Melody said...

The car was Herbie! They made several "Herbie" movies back in the day, and I grew up with a couple of them. They're pretty classic. You should check your library to see if they have them so that Austin and Bennett can see them. I bet your boys would love them!

And I love Austin's shirt - "Keep Austin Weird". Haha! It makes me laugh.