Sunday, September 12, 2010

Drawer Shelf

I promised I would take pictures of what I did with the drawers that used to go with the dresser we turned into a book shelf. I loved the way the drawers looked on the inside so I came up with the idea of just hanging them on the wall. We have 5 drawers and I would love to hang a group of them together but we don't have any wall space where it would look nice so we hung one in the bathroom. We are also going to hang one in the bedroom. The other drawers will be put under the bed and used for storage for now.

I got the vintage handkerchief from a yard sale for 15 cents. The red thing with a silver top is an old ice pick but I use it for book making sometimes. The basket is from my Mom.

And this is my little helper with a milk mustache. I just couldn't help myself...he is so darn cute.


Patty K said...

How clever is that? Now you can use the handles to hang things on.

Susan Staus said...

That is very clever! You're so smart! It's very cute!