Sunday, September 5, 2010

Austin's Birthday

Austin is Two. I no longer say his age in months. He is still little for his age but to me he seems to big. He isn't a baby anymore. I'm sad that my baby is a toddler but there are some fun things that go along with it. He talks...a lot! Usually when we are home he just spends all day talking. I wonder where he got that from? He still loves nursery and playing with his friends. He loves to be outside. I usually have to force him to come inside when we are done playing. Austin loves to cook. My Mom made him an awesome apron for his birthday and he asks to wear it every time I'm in the kitchen cooking. He loves to do the dishes and "help" with the laundry. He loves showers, baths and anything having to do with water. He is obsessed with fish and cars. Jeff and I got him some fish for his birthday and he is still so excited about them. The night before his birthday I put streamers up in the kitchen. The streamers were left over from when my Mom decorated my porch when I brought Austin home from the hospital. I can't believe I still had them and used them for his second birthday. We started the day off with the traditional number pancake breakfast. Austin loved the pancake and syrup. After we skyped with GG and Pap Pap while Austin opened his present. That was a lot of fun and he was so excited to talk to them and watch them on the screen. After we said goodbye Austin's friend Brielle came over to give him a present. Austin loves it! He loves to push his cars around and now he has a little spot to do it and it is from his favorite movie...Cars! We had a little get together in the park with some of his friends. We gave Austin part of his present and cut the cake. I think the kids had a good time. When we came home we ate lunch and Austin and Jeff and I took a nap. After naps we went and picked out Austin's fish. He was so funny. He was so excited and he wouldn't let any one else hold them. He kept hugging them and laying his head on the bag. After getting the fish we met some friends at Chuckie Cheese for dinner. He was so excited. His favorite part is putting the coins in the slots. It was a great day. I think we all enjoyed spending the entire day together.


Robert and Lisa said...

Holy Cow. I can't believe Austin is 2! It looks like you guys had a great birthday planned for him. Fun times :)

Patty K said...

It looks like Jeff is reliving his childhood along with Austin!