Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

We got to color easter eggs this year with Austin. He really enjoyed it. I think he favorite part was not having to wear cloths.

Austin decorated the egg carton with the stickers that came in the egg coloring kit box.

After we finished coloring the eggs Austin wanted to play with them. He would put them in their egg crate and have them talk to each other. It was really funny. They were his new favorite toys. He enjoyed eating them as well.

Today the Easter Bunny Came and he brought Austin some candy and sidewalk chalk. Austin was really excited and the Jelly Beans were his favorite treat in his basket.

This is the bow-tie I made for Austin. When I showed Jeff he said "I don't think it's big enough." Har har! I think it looked really cute and Austin liked wearing it.

I think Austin looks just like Jeff in this picture. I think it is his facial expression!


Genna said...

So many of the pictures of Austin in his bow-tie remind me of Jeff! Great job on the bow tie.

Julianne said...

I was checking out your blog when Hyrum came in. He started laughing and saying "Austin in the picture" and thought it was hilarious. Then he got a stick and started poking the screen saying "poke Austin". Then he put himself in time out for hurting him. So funny!

Susan Staus said...

He's looks so cute in the bow tie you made!!!!
I can't comment on your other blog, for some reason when they are set up that way I can never comment. But I wanted to tell you... I love that blanket you made!!!! Way to go!! You did an awesome job!!!

Amanda Haderlie said...

Austin is so handsome. I love his little suit and bow tie. I hope things are going well for you guys.

Jenne Anderson said...

so so so cute! i love all of his different facial expressions!